Truth is beauty: Berkely sights, on a whim

Bursting blue carvel-built boat, ocean color, a thousand feet into the trees

I have never walked more around Berkeley than since the shelter-in-place orders!

I have lived in Berkeley, on and off, since 1985, I think. Life was always busy, with college, then a endless series of high-intensity startups, the children, the moves and remodels. Pleasure walks took a second seat to the big emergencies of work and the small ones of family life. The walks I now take are a new discovery for me: for the first time I actually look around me, and notice small details, inconspicuous sights whose reality touch me.

What have you seen in a recent walk, that struck your eye, not with admiration, but with intrigue, surprise, or simply interest?

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I don’t have anything to post (yet), but was waiting for you to post pictures from your camping trip from late June. You promised us some :))

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I know :frowning: I will get to it I promise!

In the meantime, here is a fun one:

Deer in the urban canyon

During the day, this large stag appears to bed very regularly in this deep urban canyon, right between two houses. Even stranger: two other bucks bed nearby, within a few yards of the large male. Still, he won’t let them get too close or familiar, and always gets the pick of the beds through the might of his wide antlers.

He is been limping badly recently. I hope he is on the mend. Or is it arthritis?

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Berkeley Gothic

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