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Tweety7721 logistics volunteer

Hi @tweety7721, welcome and thanks so much for volunteering with! We would love to work with you. Our dispatchers have made you a logistics volunteer , and you can now access volunteer areas on the website.

As a logistics volunteer, you have access to many opportunities! Here are some of them:

  • You can prep and cook food . Specifically the 2021 Holidays, they occur on Sundays and Mondays, normally between 10:00am and 3:00pm or in shorter shifts. We do food prep in a huge hall that used to be a First World War Women’s Auxiliary hall, with about 30 foot ceilings, and enormous fans and vents. Everyone wears masks. We ask that everyone be vaccinated, and we check temperatures on arrival.
  • prep and pack days for the holidays are Sun 12/12, Mon 12/13, Sun 12/19 and Mon 12/20
  • you can manage driver pickups outdoors on Thu 12/23 between 11:30am and 3:00pm for the 2021 Holidays.
  • and, every week of the year, you can:
    • prep on Sundays between 12:30pm and 3:30pm
    • cook on Mondays between 9:00am and 12:00pm
    • pack on Mondays between 11:30am and 2:30pm
    • organize driver pickup between 1:15pm and 3:45pm

For more info/dates for these events view this link:

What would you like to do? Can you attend one of our Holiday prep & pack days? Please reply to this message!

One of us will contact you in the next 24-48 hours as well.

Thank you for again for volunteering your time with us, we’re so glad to have you on board!

hey Chetana @Tweety7721

Thanks for signing up and organizing the BPC team for 19th, 20th (and hopefully 23rd)!

Hi @MichelThouati and @camerontdt

My friend Chetana here has recruited several wellnconnected BPC families for the prep session next week. As of now 4 families can help on 19th.
They are also interested in organizing more volunteer activities for upper schoolers. Chetana told me that Sanjog (7th grade mom, they own Sukhi’s Indian food company and often do food for BPC events) knows the folks at Vincent De Paul is wondering what else can be initiated for more volunteer time for some of BPC kids.
Maybe some other BPC families might be interested in helping Monday free meal deliverlies and Tuesday morning shelter dropoff as the timing is perfect for school pickup and drop off!? Lots of possibilities! So let’s chat and brainstorm on 19th while we work together in the kitchen!

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Hello there,

So excited I can bring a little group of BPC kids and parents (at least 8 people) to come help out on Sunday the 19th with Holiday Prep & Cook.

I will ask everyone to bring their vaccination records (the kids are all fully vaccinated too and they all are doing weekly Covid Tests at BPC to participate in some afterschool programs).

What’s the best time window for everyone to come, right at 10am? And the address is Bauman College?

Looking forward to it!

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Hi Chetana,

sorry we were in the kitchen all day today! Yes 10am at Bauman Kitchen is perfect!

You will be getting a reminder for 19th sometime next week.
It will look similar to the reminder for today below.
We will be cooking chicken and rice next week!

Thanks so much! Akemi

Thanks so much to all of you who volunteered to prep & pack on Sun 12/12 and Mon 12/13!

These instructions are going to all logistics volunteers so, if you receive this, you may not have volunteered specifically for 12/12 or 12/13.

  • we will start working at 10:00am on both days, and end around 3:00pm
  • you should bring a mask, a hat, and a good sense of humor!
  • all of us will fill a quick COVID questionnaire, clean hands, get temperature tested, wear gloves (we have tons of these) and do all we can to space ourselves away from other volunteers
  • we will work primarily, but not only, on side dishes for the holiday meal. We would like to prep and pack 450 double meal containers, i.e. 900 meals’ worth of side dishes, or more
  • a lot of the work in the Kitchen involves cleaning: be ready :slight_smile:
  • we are using the Kitchen at Bauman Wellness. Our entrance is through the parking lot at 1925 Ninth St, Berkeley near the corner of University. The back door entry is in the very far right corner of the parking lot when entering it from the street, up 3 steps and a little ramp. Our green door is behind the Berkeley Food Network facility where they operate a food pantry, and next to Meals on Wheels. (See photo)

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That is so really absolutely awesome, thank you SO MUCH!