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A few Thanksgiving meals left

We have a few Thanksgiving meals left that we had kept as spares during yesterday’s run. If you know anyone who is still in need of a meal, let us know right away. We are sending our last run at 12:00 noon!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! A million thanks to the more than 200 volunteers that helped make our Thanksgiving run such a success—more than 4,500 servings delivered!

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I would love a thanksgiving delivery.


Ann S […]

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I would love a meal. Thanks

Can you delivered one to College Ave. in North Oakland.? A friend of mine could use some food!

Rich Crowl

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Yes. Where?

What a van tastic way to start a weekend getting these marvelous meals from you. Blessings and gratitude to all of you. Sincerely, William Martin

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So happy to have been a part of yesterday’s deliiveries. Looking forward to the Xmas holiday meal deliveries (I’m assuming there is one?)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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You’ll amazing helpers, happy Thanksgiving.

If you have not left on your last run and still have some left, May I request three portions please.

Thank you,


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Thank you so very much for your kindness.
We appreciated the meals so much. <3

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@Ven2help you are, count in 3 meals!

Do you still have any meals left? If so, I’d like to have one. Thanks!

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We so appreiated the meal delivered yesterday. Food made in heaven​:blue_heart::pray:
If there are any Vegan meals left and not too late. Please another? Yhank you

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@Andi you are ON.

@Maryv so sorry! We only cooked a few of these very custom meals, wish we could! Happy Thanksgiving!

i still haven’t gotten mine yet — Peter […] Please deliver and i will be back later this afternoon. thanks.

left door on first floor

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I didn’t get mine. (I got my days mixed up; thought it was today—but I was home all day yesterday.) I’m at […]

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If you want to call me my number is […]

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@peter, @Waterdragon, you are on.

Thank you both!

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