HelpBerkeley: COVID-19

Delicious meal, thank you!

Dear Naomi,

I received my first meal from helpberkeley tonight. It was delicious! I feel as if I haven’t eaten properly for four months. I could barely get through half of it. I am sure it will last me for two days or more.

I am just writing to say I feel so very grateful to you and to this organization. Usually I am the one who is doing the volunteering. But this time, I am the one who needs help. And I suddenly know so much more deeply how it feels to be on the other side of giving. It is humbling and inspiring.

Again, I am so grateful. I only wish I had been outside enough to have seen that sign on the street corner sooner. This will makes a huge difference in my life.

I guess the one suggestion I have is just that: that since (some of) the people you want to reach out to are the ones completely shut in as I am, perhaps flyers under doors might be an idea. You might also get other people to donate that way as well.

Thank you again. So very grateful.



I’m so happy that you enjoyed your first meal, and so glad you connected with us.
I am sure you have given so much to our community. Your kind note is uplifting and inspiring to us!
I really appreciate your suggestion for flyers. I’ll check and see if we can do that.
Best wishes,

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