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Can't access restaurant page

Logged in on first page. When I click on restaurants, the pop page states: Oops, you are not logged in, what is the problem?

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Here is why: you just registered, and have not yet been approved and promoted to customer. We have to validate your address and contact info. It will happen in the next couple of hours! Then you will receive a welcome email from a dispatcher, with instructions!

Negative. I registered May 2, 2020. Received e-mail advising me of site benefits on May 6, 2020. Further e-mail on May 13th. I have the same continuous problem with site from day one. Please have tech contact.

OK, got it @1968DCRP, sorry for the misunderstanding! Your account is now free to access all the information you need, as it should have been from day one. You were listed with blocked access, I have no idea why. You are now unblocked. Please confirm that all is good!

Negative. I registered May 2, 2020. I have e-may from the site May 6 and May 13th. Unfortunately I am unable to download the page with restaurants. Please have Josie call 510-845-1139. I believe the volunteer have requested that I be contacted.

Per phone call: glad to hear that it is working now, @1968DCRP, enjoy your meals!