Logged in but can't order meals, help!

logged in but receive this message when i try to open the participating restaurants list:

Oops! You need to be logged in to see this page (click on the blue “Log in” button on the upper right corner) --or, possibly, the page is private or unavailable. If you need assistance, ask in the forum!

This is happening to me too!

Hi @Akiko, @4992:

It takes a few hours for our dispatchers to validate your delivery address and contact information: Requesting meal unsuccessfully

Both of you have now been promoted to consumer: you can now consult the restaurant list and order as needed!

If you would like to order today for tomorrow, you can still order through our Late Order restaurant until 8:30pm (but don’t cut it too close :slight_smile: )

Please feel free to ask any other question on the website (faster), or through the helpline (slower). We will do all we can to help. WE hope you will enjoy your meals!

Hi @Akiko, @4992, in response to your post, we added, in several places warnings about the fact that it takes several hours to get “promoted” to consumer and access the restaurant list, such as, for instance, this one:


Thanks for letting us know about this pain point! I hope you have had a chance to order your first meal. How was your ordering and delivery experience?

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