Order meal link broken?

I am clicking on the link you provided to lean how to order meals and the one to see the restaurants but it gives me an error message “oops”. The other says I need to log in but I am logged it.


@laurie_w it is our fault, so sorry: we did not promote you properly—but it is now done. Can you try again?


I spoke with @laurie_w on the phone and was able to help her.


I’m having the same problem. I signed up, logged in, see my username, but can’t look at the restaurant list. Help!!


The reason is that we our dispatchers need to validate your contact information and make sure that we can deliver to you before they promote you to consumer: it takes a few hours after you register before that can happen.

Once your contact information and delivery address have been checked, you receive an email that welcomes you and gives you instructions on how to order. Once that happens, if you log into the website you will be able to click on the restaurant list!

As of now, of course, you have been promoted and you can see the list.

I’m also getting the oops error message. What do I do now? Thanks!

Hi @desnikoff, just a confirmation that this problem went away as soon as we made you a consumer, a couple of hours after you posted here.