HelpBerkeley's Holiday run: a true interfaith operation

Our Holiday run this year is an interfaith operation that gathers a number of Christian drivers, but also a majority of non-Christian volunteers who wanted to make a point and support their Christian neighbors for this Holiday season.

This season, we wanted to show that we do not have to be divided by religion, but, rather, united by it in support of our neighbors who are at-risk of COVID. As we prepared for this Holiday run, we got in touch with approximately 50 congregations in the East Bay. Many of them sent us numerous volunteers for the run: as a consequence, unusually, our driving run today is resourced almost in totality by first-time volunteers from all these East Bay congregations of all faiths, who had to go through our fairly grueling training in order to qualify to deliver to our neighbors in Berkeley! We did not think it could happen, and were amazed to see it come to fruition, driver by driver, over the past few weeks.

Many of the congregations we were in touch with were non-Christian, and eager to support their Christian neighbors! Beyond many Protestant and Catholic congregations, we were in contact with numerous Buddhist temples, several Jewish congregations, Mosques, an LDS congregation, Bahai temples, Hindu and Sikh temples, several Mosques and a Zoroastrian Congregation.

We are very thankful to all of the congregations that we worked with! We particularly want to acknowledge a few that embraced this endeavor in a very special way, and sent us tons of drivers and packers: Berkeley Zen Center, synagogues Beth El, Beth Israel and Netivot Shalom, and Epworth Methodist Church—you all are amazing in your unstinting generosity!

Tons of thanks to Anne Wolf, a HelpBerkeley volunteer who is at once brilliant and full of heart: she originated the idea and worked hard at recruiting many volunteers for it!


Dear Michel and Anne Wolf.

Thanks for your brilliant hearts. I’m deeply touched. ( Having been in the hospital from a fall for 3 days about 2.5 weeks ago now)—Wishing to send you deep gratitudes>

—Your kindness is remarkable and a gift to this planet>

patricia bulitt

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Hi, do you still need my help? Happy to do logistics!


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This is wonderful!! I’m so excited to join as a new dedicated volunteer on 2021! Thank you all!!!

Raquel Pinderhughes (Aka Appreciative””

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Blessings to all of you!!!
So grateful!
William Martin

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Thank you for your efforts with this valuable service. You’re truly doing something to make a difference.
I tried to give a check to the driver last night but she wouldn’t take it. Will the driver today be able to or should I mail it instead?

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Thank you so much for this opportunity to help our vulnerable neighbors. Many of us from the Berkeley synagogues are very happy to participate today. I took the day off work to join you and I can’t think of a better way to spend my time. And wow, I’m in awe of this amazing operation you’ve put together!! : )


Hi Stephanie, thanks for your generosity! The drivers today have been told to expect some customers to give them checks, but many of them are new drivers. If the driver who delivers your food today doesn’t accept your check, please mail it. Thanks!

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Thanks you for writing this. I had no idea…
This is so impressive, my heartfelt thanks, ive forwarded it to three people as well….
jan stevenson

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Thank you to you, Michel, and all of your amazing volunteers. Thank you for sharing with us the wonderful contributions all of you are making. My friend and I were so happy to share the Thanksgiving meal together. I wish I could volunteer, but due to my age and underlying health conditions, I cannot do that this year.

Many blessings to all of you. I hope that everyone feels a great sense of inner goodness for contributing to filling the stomachs and increasing the happiness of so many. It feels so good to know about the peace-filled contributions you are making.

To your health and safety,


Hello Michel,

Thank you so much for founding and continuing this program. I am a disabled elderly person and have enjoyed the restaurant meals, and the Thanksgiving dinner. The Vegetarian dinner was super. (I did not order a Christmas dinner.) Thanks to all.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and best for the New Year,



Thank you so very much. I am alone and at high risk this year. The meal and the kindness are especially welcome. <3


Amazing. You get more good out of a simple and humanitarian idea than I could have
imagined. Thank you.

Charlie Schad

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They just dropped off the Xmas meal. I will drop it off at your house later. I will text

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Thanks for the lovely meal.
I celebrated the Winter Solstice on 12/21.
Season’s Blessings to all.
May everyone in this amazing Help Berk endeavor be well and prosperous in 2021!

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Hi Michel,
I am one of the very grateful recipients of a meal. Can I ask, would they have left a whole Pumpkin Pie? I got the meal but next to it was a whole pumpkin pie from Trader Joe’s, would that have been from your program? Please let me know, thanks so very much.

Actually I just saw the phone number in another message so called & they clarified - thank you so very much!!

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This is totally inspiring! I am grateful to be part of this.

When I signed up I talked with someone about ‘regular’ meals. I don’t keep
strictly kosher but I don’t eat pork, and I was told that was not part of the menu.
I am assuming the lovely meal I got is ham (not familiar enough with it to be sure).
So I will enjoy the soup and find someone to give the meal to. Guess I should have
asked for vegetarian this time.

Blessings on you for being part of this massively generous operation.

Sara :leaves:

Yes! It is from us :slight_smile: