If you live in a condo and order a HelpBerkeley ration

First, we are really glad that you are planning to order or have ordered, Helpbekreley rations: that is exactly why we are here!

If you live in a condo, our delivery instructions are slightly different. We ask the drivers not to walk into apartment buildings, because (a) most apartment buildings now refuse access to delivery folks, and (b) there is a higher likelihood for drivers to start carrying virus load on their clothing/ gloves to other consumers.

So, to make pickup smooth, this is how we run the delivery to a condo:

  • the driver calls the number associated with the delivery from the previous delivery location, explains that she will be on location in xx minutes (typically about 5), and asks that the consumer be waiting for the delivery outside by the main door to the building.

  • when the driver arrives, she located the consumer, takes out the to-go bag, leaves it on the ground at least 6 ft away from the consumer while wearing a mask and gloves, then backs off and goes back to the car.

  • if the driver does not see the consumer waiting, she calls again and waits a small number of minutes, after which she leaves the bag by the main building door.

It is particularly important, therefore, for the phone number that we have in our database to be accurate. The driver will call the number we have in our database: please make sure that it is the right one!

As for the time of arrival, it is hard to pinpoint it exactly. The driver arrives at the first restaurant on the run at 5:45pm to 6:00pm. The driver has up to 10 deliveries to make. In most circumstances, the driver will arrive at the delivery location between 6:15 and 7:15, although there could be circumstances when it may be a bit earlier or a bit later. We wish we could be more precise!