Need a meal but confused how

Hi, I have been trying for 4 days ever since I registered to figure out how to proceed. I would like 2 meals Wednesday. How do I order? This site is very confusing to me. I might not be thinking clearly so I called the phone number but only got a very, very long outgoing message. I hung up when the message started spelling an immense word in Spanish. Do I order directly from the restaurants that are offering this price? Thanks.

Hello @TrustHS, I will call you in a few minutes to help you through. Don’t be surprised if you get a call from WI–it’s my cell.

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Hi @TrustHS, I am glad we could help: can’t wait to see how your next order goes!

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Sorry to bother you again. I decided to order from the Mexican place, Taco Talivera (?) but there is no link to a menu. Do I just need to wait until tomorrow and then the menu will be up?