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I have a question about finally reaching a restaurant

Type your question hereI try again to order food. Two days ago, it worked. Now no.

I was asked to sign up for a new password, and when I clicked on the long blue line it took me back to the general sign-up where I had started. When I tried again, a moment later, clicking on the dome long blue line, it said that the code was antiquated. When I called the help line for help, no one answered. Monday I left a request for help, and it came today, Friday, when, for some reason my request for meal delivery had succeeded. What to do?
I am baffled.

@LORD_BYRON, I don’t quite understand what is not working:

  • are you unable to order?

  • are you having a problem with login? You are logged in right now, so I am assuming that if you had a problem, you don’t have one now.

  • You called us on May 29, and we called you back three times. Yesterday we called back again, and you told our volunteer that you were able to pass orders.

  • We called you back again 30 minutes ago. We got interrupted and we are now unable to get a hold of you on the phone number we have for you.

I apologize. My phone ran out of power at the crucial moment.

Perhaps you might call me tomorrow afternoon.

[edited for personal info]

Please do not text me.


No problem @LORD_BYRON! We were able to get a hold of you this morning, hopefully all is good now—if not, just give us a call of post a question!