HelpBerkeley: COVID-19

Nourish You!

We love working with our partner Nourish You! and with Chef Joan Gallagher!

HelpBerkeley partners with Nourish You! to produce and deliver large amounts of free meals to seniors and others vulnerable to COVID-19. For instance, together, we produced and delivered more than 800 free meals for Thanksgiving. Here is the story: A virtual Thanksgiving community dinner! Post Pics!

Our members love Chef Joan’s food, and we love how easy it is to work with her. A few days after starting to make plans with her, we unexpectedly received our IRS Public Charity determination letter, much earlier than planned. Right away we called her and asked if she would be ready to plan a major food event with us two weeks later… She and her crew were able to turn on a dime and make it happen in record time, with hundreds of meals of celebratory food that got kudos from many of our members!

We love to work with Chef Joan and with Nourish You!, and count on pursuing a long collaboration with her!

Here is where to find Nourish You!: