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State Program for Seniors?

I saw something the other day that seemed to describe a state sponsored program whereby qualifying seniors may receive up to 3 meals daily, delivered free, and at no cost. Am I correct about this? Is this an extension for, or associate with, this website’s program (which costs $10 per two meals)?

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@Christoverre, you are correct: on Friday we circulated the news of a new program, state-wide, that would provide three delivered meals, reimbursed up to $66 per day, for seniors over 65 at high risk of COVID-19, directly exposed, or immuno-depressed.

The program was announced by Gavin Newsom, our governor. The details are still scanty. As soon as we know more, we will let you all know. We will also help all of our members who qualify get onto this program when it is possible to have access to all the details.

Thank you, Michael. Your program also reimburses?

My pickle is tha by the end of the month, I often find myself out of funds, which nieither program appears to address.

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