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Do you think working through meals on , in Berkeley, Oakland, or Albany Meals on Wheels. They are low on drivers now. Read about their work. If you have new ideas, you could help them expand their service with the help of restaurants. They have a track record. They do regular assessments in the home.
Might you be redundent and competitive to a great org?

Thank you very much for your feedback and your question! We appreciate it that you took the time to think about our effort. We are trying to fill a gap that other food delivery services cannot meet during this crisis. Here is how we are different.

Meals on Wheels is a great organization! We do not compete with them, but we complement them:

  • Meals on Wheels has expressed to local agencies that it is unable to significantly expand its coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are bringing additional meals that they cannot provide.

  • Meals on Wheels needs you to establish eligibility through a scheduled initial assessment or a doctor’s referral. Anybody at risk for COVID-19 may have to wait until after the pandemic is over to be able to receive meals. If you have a need and fit our profile, register and order today and get your first meal tomorrow.

  • Meals on Wheels serves a different population of people (over 60), who need to qualify for the program. We focus on a different audience: those who are vulnerable to COVID-19.

  • Meals on Wheels costs agencies and programs a lot of money to run. We cost nothing. We are self-sufficient. We are not taking any money away from Meals on Wheels, or from our local administrations.

  • Meals on Wheels uses commercial kitchens. We work with local restaurants, and try to help them survive at the same time as they help people at-risk for COVID-19 weather this awful pandemic: a wonderful win-win for both goals. Again, no competition in sourcing meals.

  • Meals on Wheels provides free or very low-cost, subsidized meals. Our locally cooked meals, sourced from our wonderful restaurant partners, are very economical but not free: they cost our members $10/day for 2 meals.

  • Both Meals and Wheels and work in harmonious cooperation with our city governments.

Meals on Wheels and complete each other and, together, allow our community to fight back and sustain its most vulnerable members during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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@BILLYMCD, if you are at risk for COVID-19, and self-isolating, I would encourage you to get some meals from our restaurant partners if you are not already fully taken care of with Meals on Wheels.

Also-- because our program is new, we could use some feedback on what works well and what needs improvement :slight_smile: If you order some, you can tell us what worked and what did not!

Stay safe.