HelpBerkeley: COVID-19

100 KN95, Industrial Respirators expected around April 1

Available for donation to those who need it most. Please log into the site with your professional email to request.

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Hi Michel,

I am a Berkeley resident and soon-to-be-graduating medical student at UCSF. I just learned that UCSF received a large supply of N95s over the weekend, but a friend of mine is a physician working with the Homeless Health Program in San Francisco at Tom Waddell Urban Health Clinic (, which currently is the only one of the city’s clinics that is still open due to the inability to serve their patients via telehealth. They are in great need of masks, and I will take them directly to my friend in SF. Please message me back to let me know if you have any left to donate. I can come pick them up in the late evenings or on Wednesday morning this week.



Hi Rachel: I can give you some. How many do you need absolutely? I know everyone is in great need and I am trying to distribute some around. I will have some more soon.

Thank you so much!! I just texted my friend to ask and will get back to you ASAP.

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My friend said they would very grateful to get 50 if possible, or however many you’re able to donate. Let me know what is possible, and thank you again! Just saw this is a public forum, so edited out my #, but I think you have it from my registration!

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Hi Rachel, just gave you a call. Call me back when you have a chance!