Call to volunteers to post fliers/ canvas!

Hi most wonderful community members! We’re trying to spread the word even wider and deeper in Berkeley neighborhoods about the work HelpBerkeley is doing. Can you volunteer with us?

We ask for about three volunteers per neighborhood (though some could need less or more depending on how many potential spots there are to touch), so use your judgment, but the more the better! I’ve color coded business type - we have coffee shops & bakeries, markets, community centers, laundromats, gas stations, pharmacies and a good deal more. These are suggested locations to stop, but by all means, it’s a free for all, so be creative:) Also a good idea to poster at BART stations, bus stations, and parks! Thank you all for contributing where you can, you’re all wonderful!

Important question: how do you volunteer? Please register on the website then select “I want to volunteer” during registration.