General FAQs about receiving deliveries

Q: Why is the delivery driver not ringing my bell and giving me the order directly from his hand to mine?

A: We are trying to limit as much as possible contact between drivers and consumers of meals, so as to limit the risk of infection from the ones to the others. Our recommended protocol, then, is for the driver to drop the to-go bag in front of the door, walk back to his car, and call you to let you know that the order has arrived.

Q: How does the driver make sure that she/he won’t risk infecting my to-go bag with dangerous viruses or bacteria?

A: We ask the volunteer drivers to agree to (a) use plastic boxes to carry all the to-go bags; (b) thoroughly wash the plastic boxes before bringing meal deliveries; © thoroughly wash their hands for at least 20 seconds before starting meal deliveries; © use disposable gloves while making meal deliveries; (d) drop the to-go bags in front of the recipient’s door; (e) never ring bells or contact the recipient of an order face to face; (f) always practice social distancing throughout the delivery process; (g) thoroughly wash the delivery plastic boxes after completing the meal deliveries, and (h) thoroughly wash the hands for at least 20 seconds after completing the meal deliveries.

Q: Why do I have to empty the containers I receive from my deliveries, discard the to-go bags, and wash my hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds after doing so?

A: This is the general advice that epidemiologists have been giving, in order to limit the risk of spreading infections from food prep workers or from volunteer drivers to you.

Q: Why do I have immediately refrigerate the food I won’t eat right away after receiving it?

Food that remains at room temperature can go bad in as little as 2 hours and become a severe health danger. It is critical to refrigerate the food you won’t eat right away as soon as you receive it.