How to receive a ration delivery

  1. Do NOT open the door to the delivery driver if you see him/her arrive. Please let the driver drop the to-go bag in front of your door and go back to the car, so as to limit as much as possible risks of infection.

  2. Please be friendly to the delivery driver when you receive the phone call which signals that the to-go bag has been dropped by your door. The delivery driver is a generous volunteer.

  3. Take out the food containers from the to-go bag. Immediately discard the to-go bag to limit the risks of infection. Immediately empty the to-go containers into your own containers, and discard them to limit the risks of infection. Immediately wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.

  4. Immediately refrigerate the food you received in the delivery (unless you are intending to eat it right away). Unrefrigerated food can go bad very quickly, and it is critical that you immediately refrigerate what you won’t eat right away.

  5. Enjoy your dinner!

Okay, I think I’ve followed the instructions! Ordered for tomorrow, 4/14


I’m glad it worked! :+1:

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Did I have to do any steps to arrange the actual delivery? Or was it just the order with my phone number?

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You just call the restaurant.

Yes: make sure you always give the same phone number.