Expanding to Contra Costa or Starting the same Program in Contra Costa County

I think this program is amazing and would love to see if it could either expand to Contra Costa County for our elderly and disabled communities. And if that is not a possibility I would love to get some ideas to help start this program in Contra Costa County. Thank you!

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@cse, we would LOVE to expand North to El Cerrito, Richmond and above, and South to Oakland.

To your questions:

  • it is possible to expand our program North
  • we can do a lot of the backend work, and make it easy to start it
  • we need a group of committed, determined people (about 5-10 people) to start organizing the program in Contra Costa, who will need to:
    • get cooperation/ goodwill from the municipalities (to help recruit members)
    • recruit a good number of drivers
    • help us recruit restaurants in Contra Costa with a reasonably central location. We can easily train one or two people in this skill.
    • then, once the system is up and running, work hard at recruiting new members by letting people know that it is available.

We are ready to expand North if we can find the committed group to drive the effort of recruiting drivers and members, as we did. Of course, we will gladly share all we did that worked out. I am thrilled to see your post and hope that it is the start of an endeavor. I will gladly speak to you directly, even this weekend, if you want to talk further.